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Every single one of us is more than the sum of our profession. Much like a mix tape, we are multidimensional, with an A side and a B side. If you focus on one without the other, you only receive half of the story.  


Creative, athletic, daughter dad

I have a passion for storytelling, networking, and personal development. I interview amazing humans on a weekly basis through my live podcast, Dialedin Live, as a beta participant on Linkedin Live.

On the show, I focus on helping you get “Dialed in” to your purpose and passions by learning through the experience of others. I highlight technology thought leaders, startup founders, best selling authors, and creative leaders with a focus on technology, startups, & personal development.

Outside of the show and work, I am obsessed with raising my daughter and the pursuit of athletic challenges such as running a 5 minute mile.


technology, entrepreneur, advisor

I am an entrepreneur at heart and at practice. I no longer know how to be anything else. I took off my storm trooper helmet after 10 years under the influence of the evil empire, Death Star Inc. (AT&T). Since then, I’ve failed to get two businesses off the ground and finally found my calling with number three, Catch Cloud (since 2015).

At Catch Cloud, I am truly helping IT teams and business leaders get ahead of the technology hype curve in their race to digital transformation. In essence, I am their trusted advisor guiding them through the complex market of solutions that exists to enable them to see what’s coming next. It comes down to relationships, leverage, and timing. If you get all three, you win big.  

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